Choosing the best portable table saw

Choosing the best portable table saw

With all the different kinds of portable table saws, it is hard to know which ones are the best. How can you choose the best portable table saw if you don’t know more about each of them? So, to make choosing the best portable table saw easier, here are the top 5 portable table saws by their reviews.

Bosh 4100 DG-09

Bosh 4100 DG-09The Bosh 4100 DG-09 is a portable table saw with a weight of 113 pounds with 3650 RPM. The blades are about 25 inches. This model was proven to be the most sophisticated saw, because of it has a digital read out on the fence and has a stable rolling stand. Ideal to take where ever you may need the table saw. The only down side is the fact that the Bosh 4100 DG-09 is a bit on the expensive side.

Craftsman 315.218291

Craftsman 315.218291The Craftsman 315.218291 has a weight of about 126 pounds with RPM of 4800. These blades are about 33 inches. This Craftsman is a powerful machine that is solid and accurate. This model has a larger motor than the normal type of portable table saw with a motor of 15 amps. There are a few dislikes about this portable table saw, because of some safety issues, but the Craftsman 315.218291 is still a powerful table saw. This Craftsman is not that expensive and that is why most people love this Craftsman portable table saw.

Dewalt DW 745

Dewalt DW 745This portable table saw is not heavy at all. With its weight of 45 pounds, it is easier to carry this table saw around. The Dewalt DW 745 has RMP of 3850 with blades of about 17 ¼ inches. It’s one of the cheaper models that make it more affordable for most people. The Dewalt are cutting very accurate and is perfect for those small, but accurate jobs around the more on choosing the best table saw by clicking here


Jet JBTS-10MJSThe Jet JBTS-10MJS is a bit more expensive than the previous two, and has a weight of 105 pounds. What makes the Jet JBTS-10MJS better than the other portable table saws is the fact that it has a sliding out feed support. This model is especially made for working on a construction site. It is portable, but still powerful enough to get the work done, fast and accurate. So, this portable table saw is ideal for home or on site. No matter where you may need a table saw.

Central Machinery 97896

Central Machinery 97896The Central Machinery 97896 is also not heavy with a weight of 33 pounds. With the RPM of 5000, makes this machine lightweight, but still a very powerful machine. With the Central Machinery 97896 you can carry it where ever you may need the machine and because it is so small, you don’t need a large space for storage.

Choosing the best portable table saw for you knows all the different types of portable table saws. And you must know what features you are looking for in a portable table saw. You can choose between a lightweight or powerful portable table saw. With these top 5 portable table saws; you can see the difference between them and make choosing the best table saw, easier.

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